Our Planting Services

At Green Dales, we believe it's the details that really bring magic to the beauty of landscaping. Flowers, shrubs, and most importantly trees, are what make a house and home, or a workplace a lifestyle, and luckily for our customers, planting is one of our specialties.

plans planted in black mulch in between grass and wood gazebo

Garden Designs

Bold colour or serene greenery? Tropical oasis or native fairy-like woodland? If you are not 100% sure on what you would like on your property, let our experts suggest the perfect plants to best suit your property's style and needs. Our experts know what plants will thrive in which areas so that your trees and flowers will succeed in decorating your property. We also provide native garden design for ravine properties who wish to keep their property natural and clear from the threat of invasive species.

Tree Planting

plants and tree planted in black mulch beside brick house

Did you know the best time to plant trees is during the fall? This is because the harsh summer rays dry out any moisture the tree would need to establish roots needed for growing. Planting in September, October and even November give the tree a chance to ground itself right before it goes to sleep during the winter. But our expertise doesn't stop at timing, we can also carry out soil samples, help you select from a variety of different tree and shrub species, and provide recommendations to ensure your new trees are healthy and happy once planted. You can count on Green Dales to give you the right information about trees and tree planting.