Green Dales has replaced and installed hundreds of lawns and fields throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We operate in parks and on private properties, and our work covers all scales – from small residential spaces to many acres of land in the city or on a country estate. Our projects are based on careful analysis of client needs and developed with their best interest and wishes in mind. We develop site-specific plans that meet the aspirations and budgets of our clients, and we provide ongoing maintenance work with our staff afterward.

Residential and Commercial Sodding

A luscious, green lawn is one of the best ways to brighten and improve the appearance of your home. Whether you need to replace a few patches, or you have a brand new property in need of a new lawn, Green Dales will instantly beautify your lawn with our sod grass installation. Our knowledgeable staff and state of the art tools make your new sod grass look fantastic for years to come. Better sod grass for a superior look!

sod rolls of grass stacked up

Sod Installation Steps and Care


Soil Health Examination & Removal

Before we ever begin laying a single piece of new grass (sod), we meticulously assess the health and condition of your soil. We remove and dispose of any existing grass / lawn by trimming or cutting it with special equipment.


Soil Preparation & Leveling

After we’ve assessed your soil, we apply the required elements and nutrients to prepare it for your new grass installation. We use natural, organic fertilizer and compost to create a lawn that’s healthier for you, your pets and the environment. Leveling is also very important in the installation of grass to ensure that the land slopes correctly to avoid any puddling of water after a rainfall.


New Grass Installation

After the soil is prepped, it’s finally time to lay your sod and cut it to your lawn’s dimensions and around other elements like trees and flowerbeds. A sod roller is then pushed across the lawn to remove air pockets under the sod strips and to press the roots firmly into the soil.


Water and monitor

After installation, its’s important to give your new lawn lots of water and monitor for things like pests such as grubs or unwanted growths such as mushrooms.